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FCC Licensing Services

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FCC Licensing and Consulting Services…

Let us help you get through the drudgery of obtaining a government issued communications license. It’s really not that bad and its something we have done for hundreds of customers.

Our prices are all inclusive for this service  It includes the actual licensing, fee’s, taxes and our cost. Our Promise to you, there will be no surprise or hidden costs and we will get you legally licensed and ready to communicate.

The licenses we can assist you with.

Handheld and/or Mobile Radios Only – can include any combination of:
Itinerant frequencies – radio use at various temporary locations.
Simplex frequencies – radio use within a predefined area, for handheld & mobiles radios only.
Repeater/Base Station – includes repeaters, base stations, handheld & mobile radios.
Modification to a Current License
How much does an FCC radio license cost? The cost is minimal considering an FCC license lasts for 10 years, and fines can be thousands of dollars. Our costs include all FCC fees.
Who can use this type of license? These licenses are in the FCC’s Industrial/Business Pool. Organizations engaged in commercial, educational, philanthropic, ecclesiastical, healthcare, association, or state and local government can apply. A license covers the entire organization and all its members/employees.
Can I use a GMRS license for my business? The FCC licenses GMRS “to facilitate the activities of licensees and their immediate family members.” So, only small family run businesses qualify to use GMRS. One license covers the licensee and their immediate family members.
Can I use FRS radios for my business? Yes. The FCC now allows FRS for non-licensed business use. However, interference and weak signals are common.
I already have radios. Can I use your licensing service? Yes. We can license you for radios you currently own.
* Note: Nonprofit organizations receive a $100 discount from the FCC (requires a 501c letter from the IRS).