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Cogent POC Radios For Your Business or Family

Reliable Simple Approaches

Enhance Your Business Communications!

Imagine being able to reach your employee’s immediately and instantly connect up to 249 users. Thats not all with our dispatch system you can track all of your devices in real time!
As long as you have cell coverage you can communicate Flawlessly with your employee’s on a nation wide scale. You might ask yourself, why not just use my phone.
The cost for one of our POC devices is usually less that your average cell phone and our monthly subscription service cost cant be beat.
For Transportation, Security and Logistic companies, this POC dispatching system is very convenient to track user postion and track in real time. Tired of your monthly vehicle tracking fee, this might be an option for you.
The POC dispatch system is a complete desktop Dispatch Platform that allows you to have complete control of your teams radio fleet.

Keep Your Family and Friends in Touch.

The uses for these devices in a family and friends environment is endless. We all have elderly family members that we are concerned with when they live by themselves, one application is to let them use one of these devices all they have to do is push the button on the side if they need something.
Worried about your kids or wife, these are small enough to conceal in a purse or pocket to take with them and offer immediate communications and real time tracking information. (within the celluler coverage area).

Why not just use y phone?

Benefits of Cogent Radios Push To Talk Systems

Instant Communication

No Delays! Get your message across in ONE second or less.

Tough Devices

Made to Withstand Dust, Dirt, Water & Extreme Temperatures.

Live GPS / SOS

Real-Time GPS tracking with 60 second updates, for accurate and complete employee visibility, SOS Notifications included.

Cogent Radios Group POC Coverage Area

Cogent Radios Group PTT 4G LTE coverage map. Coverage also includes, Alaska, Hawaii, USVI and Puerto Rico.
Generally speaking the Peak PTT System can be enabled to work outside the United States, but will require a special configuration. If you plan to use your devices, outside of the United States, please contact us, before purchasing to ensure the country is supported.

International Usage: Please contact us is you have questions about specific countries, and cities within those countries you would like to use our system in.

Group Communications

Instantly Connect With Hundreds of Users At Once. Or, talk Privately 1-1 with Anyone in your Group. Create an unlimited number of secure channels for your use.

Desktop Dispatch Console

The Modern Day Base Station Is Here. Affordable & Intelligent Central Tracking & Communication Center From Any PC.

Nationwide Coverage

4G LTE Nationwide Coverage in the United States. Global Coverage Available Worldwide.

A Few Reasons Why POC Radios Are Better Than Cellphones.


On Average a PTT call lasts 15 seconds vs more than 50 seconds for a traditional call.

Phones are expensive!

Plus, cellphones are expensive!
Not to mention, can be huge time wasters for your employees.

Increase productivity!

Cogent Radios Group PTT will boost your companies productivity, while significantly saving your company a lot of money.

Concerned about your children having a cellphone?

Lets face it, social media and cellphones in general can expose your children to very bad things. If you do not want them to have a phone but need to communicate with them then this is your solution. They can only have access to the people you grant them access to and they can still be reachable.

Family Safety

Radios can be intercepted and listened to with common scanners, cell frequencies are blocked and afford you the same privacy you have on your cellphone, these devices are perfect if you need or want direct access to an individual with a nationwide range.

Community Chat

Need a secure immediate way to communicate with your community? These devices offer you a sure way to stay in touch. If they are good enough for government agencies they will work great for your community.